Midtown Arts Museum - Under The Overpass

Under the Overpass Midtown Arts Museum
The oldest and arguably the most important storied element in the Midtown Arts Museum storybuild is the Under the Overpass Museum.  The museum began as a backstory that explained how and why Ruby O'Degee traveled to the D'ni Restoration Dig and joined the Guild of Artisans.  From her inception, her benefactor (author) knew such an outgoing and deliberate person could only represent 95% of her author's (the human behind Ruby) intentions.  The single-minded, limelight aggressive, and wonderfully curious Ruby's mystery of mind - the other 5% is not her author.  Her author is strictly stay at home kind of writer, who chooses to live out her adventure experiences through reading and writing stories.
Interior Stairwell Midtown Arts Museum
For years the museum was a mind's eye vision, but two years after the Diluvian Flood that wiped the Diego Estate, Agua Del Lago, de Granja off the desert and into a gulley, Ruby could see through her scope the beloved Museum floating atop a berg of ground and under the overpass she remembered vividly.

It was an odd place before the flood.  After the flood the story and the museum grew even odder.  In large because the International Historical Consortium became increasingly interested in its exhibits.  The sweet exhibits so easily tended:  Myst Tribute Room, Peru Artifacts, the closed Devil's Tower exhibit gathered dust, while Ruby hurriedly worked to learn the curves and build the ages, she only once imagined she could create.
Myst, Riven & Uru Exhibit
Realistic Inca King Exhibit

The Midtown Ladies Guild tried to help with the cleaning and sorting, but their schedules were also crowded with carbon dating, replication and authentication efforts.   Ruby could no longer go on research and acquisition trips, so she sent members of the Guild.  Sometimes the plot clatter that resulted from those decisions complicated her story. It continued to lay on the shelf with the pile of papers she never completed.  Once her benefactor retired from her full time teaching position, Ruby promised to fix the clatter messes and finish the projects she promised to  complete months earlier.   She is now in the process of storybuilding and mending nearly everyday.  All cruises and palm tree vacations will simply have to wait until the work is done.

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