Tomeway Ice Fishing Camp

Tomeway Ice Fishing Camp
An Alpena Artifact

If there was a fuss about moving the Gee-Artan Keep from Gee-Artan there was an even bigger fuss made about how to successfully raise the Tomeway Ice Fishing Camp out of the middle of the Hudson River where the camp drifted after being frozen for hundreds of years off the thumb of Michigan (Alpena).

During a period of emotional boo-hooing about Midtown Arts Museum fiscal matters, curator, Ruby O'Degee moved into a cabin and fished there everyday.  The experience sorts out storybuilding confusion.   Visitors are welcome to spend extended vacations in the camp.  During the summer, it is the only frozen water in the area.  During the winter it nice place to slip and slide.

An entire cabin with fish may be purchased in the Kitely Market online.   It is a wonderful Christmas or winter decoration according to members of the Midtown Ladies Guild, who are interested in replacing all costs of raising the camp.

By winter 2014-15 the fish fry restaurant is expected to open.   Invitations to a celebration party will be sent by the Midtown Ladies Guild to all Midtown Arts Museum patrons, and to Ruby's friends who realize the fish camp is an attempt to resurrect old childhood memories and for no other incoming producing reason.

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