Tomeway Falls ~ Devokan Trust Storybuilds

Collaboration is appreciated by storybuilders.   John Steinbeck's assertion that truthful writing is a solo activity is mostly true, but Steinbeck never observed how effectively storybuilding could be done by a group with a similar, but interpretative craft. 
In the Hills of Tomeway Falls, a Devokan Trustees Cave

Tomeway Falls is collaboration invitation sector of the storybuild.   Devokan Trust curator, Dot Matrix and master storybuilder, Paislee Myrtle completed a build at Tomeway Falls.  Their build does not interfere with the Midtown Arts Museum plot. The cave encourages further plot and character development at a later time.

Storybuild Invitational via the Devokan Trust
In turn Ruby O'Degee was invited to build interpretations on a them in Imladris and Devokan.  She is sending wine to Trustee, Mat Mahogany's Journey build.  The best traditional comparison for a storybuild collaboration is a literary or fine arts magazine issue dedicated to one style of writing. However it is read or explored the activity of writing a small character driven is short lived and fun.   Permissions and easements notwithstanding the collaborative process is worth ironing out matters of ownership

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