Poohkeepsietomeway Township, Sterling Vineyard Manor House, Mount Bethel Lending Library, Invention Emporium

Invention Emporium
A chunk of Poohkeepsietomeway submerged first and emerged last after the flood.   Only recently were the buildings restored and inspected by safety maintainers.  Until the buildings were done loaners were used to fill in the spaces.   Using loaners is a common storybuilder technique.  The other is to fill the empty spaces with water or forest until building work can be done.

The Invention Emporium sells magical, mystical and wondrous contraptions.   For visitors and shoppers who like steampunk this is the place to explore first.   Curator, Ruby O'Degee acquired the store during a research expedition to the outer isles of Brigadoon, Scotland in 2011.  The old man, who managed the store said the mechanism once carried water up to the second floor where trees were sawed into long straight boards.  The mill owners lived in the apartments on the third floor.  A teleportal was installed in the late 1910's during golden era of discoveries.  When Ruby read the contract's between the lines text, she noticed the disclaimer:  mill mechanism suddenly stopped cutting straight boards.  Any boards cut by the mill's mechanism roll up into curly ques that cross and snag at inconvenient times.  There are no longer tools available to fix the gears and wires.  Only cheap rubber bands will keep the boards bundled.  The entire matter is annoying.  Sell the entire kaboodle @  the first inkling of a reasonable offer.
Mount Bethel Mysteries and Lending Library
Mount Bethel Art Walk on the Docks

Mount Bethel Mysteries and Mount Bethel Lending Library is open for4 use by book clubs at no cost.  Schedule a meeting with curator, Ruby O'Degee and look for under your chair for a book lover's gift.
depthfinders5052@gmail.com or send an IM in world to Ruby.  When the first mystery series book is published, the Midtown Arts Museum will celebrate with a wine and cheese soiree. Until then all visitors are welcome to use the premises for meetings, parties and celebrations with or without a book in hand.

Comfy Chairs and a Roaring Fireplace
Schedule Your Next Book Talk
SterlingVineyard Manor House
Fine Restaurant and Secret Passage

Sterling Vineyard Manor House is the finest restaurant in the
project.   Chefs are always working on the next recipe to accompany Sterling Wines.   Their location next to the mystery book store is intentional.   When the mysteries of the Oakes Valley exhibit wells up and over, the mystery can be discussed and unraveled by groups that meet at the lending library.  In the meantime pick up a complimentary bottle of home grown and bottled wine.   Eventually all vineyards will share their aged "drink me" wines with the public.  By the way, take a short walk through the vines to find a secret passageway into Sterling Fields, that back lot for the restaurant.  It may take a few seconds to get there, but its well worth the teleportation time.

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