Midtown Cartography & Charting Co.

Midtown Cartography & Charting Co.
Midtown Arts Museum

Midtown Cartography & Charting Co. (MCCC) specializes in Map making and other Graphics (wood signs, banners, and leaflets).  Services are provided through the Kitely Market or inworld.  Please contact curator, Ruby O'Degee -  depthfinders5052@gmail.com to order your personally drafted maps.   For other information about the company, please go to Midown's Poohkeepsietomeway region and take a look around.  There is plenty of history there - how the maps are secretly processed and how the building was once a chunk of a pirate ship.
Time Traveler, Ruby O'Degee likes to read maps.
Midtown Museum curator, Ruby O'Degee considers the many ways she uses maps for her time travel business.  Maps are the cornerstones for many an adventure story, and should be worthy of illumination.

The process to order is easy.  Either send Ruby a photo taken inworld of your region map, or invite her to your world to take the photo of your region map.  Within a few days, depending on the busyness of MCCC, you will be mailed back your mail through chat or email.  Simple maps are drawn for the nominal sum of 30KC (introductory offer).  Complex maps, banners and leaflet prices will be determined at the time of order.  An example of a simple map drafted by the MCCC is shown below.
Open Sim Region Maps
Personally Drafted by Midtown Cartographers and Charting Co.

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