Far East Railroad

A tribute to the Walking Treks of Marco Polo
The Far East Railway Tracks Provide a Way for Visitors to Walk the Build's Perimeter
The Far East Railroad, a tribute to the intrepid explorer, Marco Polo, is a Midtown Arts Museum acquisition that literally surrounds the region.  The locomotive is still not ready for use, many of the parts are being retooled, but the railroad tracks like so many other tracks now being used for biking, running and exploring the places is a great way to get around Poohkeepsietomeway Regions.   The track acquisition is dedicated to Dot Matrix, who fervently discussed with Midtown curator, Ruby O'Degee the matter of walkways.  There were no safe ones that visitors could use and the Lakewater Projects benefactor, a stubborn aging storybuilder, prohibits flying in her stories, unless  flying is a natural story element of the build (fantasy or space).

Knowing that the railroad boxes came in with the Gee-Artan Keep did not make Ruby feel any better about hearing that her front yard, back yard, side yards and wishy washy paths were full of potholes and sinkholes. She fussed with Dot, but in the end she decided to unpack the boxes and lay out the tracks.  She is glad she did.   The rusty tracks took the Midtown story into another direction.  The region feels full and busy.  It should.

Visitors easily find the tracks by taking the Time Travel Station escalator down.  From there they can walk the entire perimeter of the build.  Information is available at all destinations, and coming soon complimentary picnic supplies will be offered at viewing stops. More fun can be had by riding a free to keep bike.  A small contribution is always accepted to defray edummersiveworlds.org costs (an educational and good guy contributor to Midtown and its exhibits)

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