Aetherium Airship Dock, Spacestation, Portals, Iron Bee

Airship Iron Bee Left, and Sat 1 Air View Bubble In Distance
The skies over Midtown Arts Museum are not empty.  Over visitor and explorer heads they will find more exhibits.  The Time Travel Station not only takes travelers to past dimensions, the portal takes travelers to past and future destinations.  In reality the future came first.  For it is discovered that feedback issues are less probable for future travel and than travel to what already was.  No one wants  the powerful and sneaky to change the past.  It is likely there were ways to impede any tinkering with grand design; nevertheless, supporters of Midtown Arts Museum did find a way to get back there.  For more about those clandestine sideswipes, review the work of Dr. Matt R. Dutton, Regional Overseer and Tea Geneticist for the Brantley No. 3 Shaft Project.

1990's Wormhole Spaceship and Airship Floating Dock
Since storybuilders rarely let you see what is the mystery of storytelling, there is no flying in most Lakewater Project builds, so one of the best ways to see the gist of Poohkeepsietomeway is from the satellites that are situated throughout the middle aether of the 4 isles.   From way up there you can take photos, relax on the 3 decks and safely get a view from different vantage points.  The views you get won't spoil the story.  It does open it up for most travelers.

As of yet bullet physics are not introduced to the grid, but soon, airships of all sorts will be invited to use the flying docks.  Supported by dozens of steam hot balloons, the only parking lot Ruby tolerates is safe to use.  A coffee shop and silent movie theater are planned builds for the docks.

No one should miss taking a meander around the decks of the spaceship or the Iron Bee Airship.  The Nexus Storybuilder's Spaceship helped to lift many of the isles up out of the flooded regions after Hurricane Sandy sunk them.   It is a dated ship, but it does run on an interactive musical engine, and it will break through the wormhole to other universes. The ole Myst book library needs some tender loving scripting.  Many of the links no longer work, but the elevator ride to the captain's quarters is gentle.  A nice library that includes a library contraption fashioned and gifted to the museum by Devokan Trust member and Master Storybuilder is a nice place to accomplish research away from the madding crowds that sometimes swarm the Art Walk during the weekends.

Metaverse traveler and blogger, Virtual Christine courageously used the 1990's dematerialization chamber bed during her visit to the world.  She nearly safely descended into the museum grounds.  The Midtown Ladies Guild suggests that no one used it since.

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