Time Travel Station

Far East Railroad Time Travel Station
Midtown Arts Museum is part of the Lakewater Project's legacy and rich background, originally written about during the heyday of the D'ni Restoration.  It was nicely settled into the earth under the overpass on the outskirts of Poohkeeptomeway, NY.  The museum was dedicated to preserving any ancient artifact it could get find funds or grants to buy, but no one thought about time traveling until Ruby made her first trip to Myst.  Then she thought about nothing else for years.  Cavern, cavern and more cavern 24/7.

Even years after she wandered off the restoration grounds and into her own story, she didn't hope to find a way of time shuttling patrons to her own exhibits, but after the hurricane ripped the museum away from the mainland and into the middle of the Hudson River, she decided to let the Midtown Ladies Guild know they were sunk.

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Beatrice Hollings came to rescue.  From the beginning the International Historical Consortium (IHC) had underwritten some of the more unusual and controversial Midtown Exhibits.  Now they were offering the Midtown a chance to recover from the flood.  With a little more than a handshake and a wink the old Nexus Space Station started beeping, bleeping and clanging.  In an instant the Time Travel Station was up and running, and sending its guests through safety first portals to several Midtown exhibits.  Gone were the bumps and jilts suffered by time travelers trying to get out in or out of grids throughout the metaverse.  Curator, Ruby O'Degee was delighted, thrilled and confused.  No gift (including cash) was ever given by the IHC without some strings attached.   What were the Diego's and the Gaskill's up to this time?

To find out more about the story and station, or to use it for teleportation, it is the first stop in the Midtown Arts Museum world.   Please be wary of all folks you meet there.  It is difficult to tell the bad guys from the good guys in any Midtown Arts Museum exhibit world.  Be very careful in Oakes Valley where a murder happened yesterday (yesterday being relative in any time travel age).  Be even more careful when visiting Brantely No. 3 Shaft or Down Under Tea Company's favorite stress stop, Consortium Park.  Whatever you do, either do or don't drink anything.   Everywhere explorers go, there is an opportunity to "drink me." 

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