Monday, July 28, 2014

Midtown Arts Museum Exhibit Cameras

Midtown's staff is currently adding document cameras to all exhibits.  The purpose behind the use of cameras and other storybuilding devices like the camera is explained in this post.   As other types of devices (and their traditional story figurative language equivalent is compared) an updated post will be added to the blog.
Storybuilding Device to Bring An Ever Wieldly World's
 Story Under the Control of the Author

Midtown Arts Musem Exhibit Camera (Available soon for all explorers in every Lakewater exhibit).
One of the most important devices a storybuilder can add is a document camera.  Not only for taking photos, but for giving photos, documents and clues to the explorer/reader.  When a reader can use the document camera, the lateral unwieldy story becomes a little more linear.  It is easier for the explorer to make sense of the author's story.  These cameras are being added to every Lakewater exhibit.
1.  The explorer touches the stool to sit.  Then the author touches any key to see a real time (LIVE) view of what the author wants the explorer to see.  If an author is curtailing flying, it is a good practice to give explorers a foreshadowing or close up look.  Of course they can use their own camera to see afar, but they don't know what the author wants them to focus on.  This is an old Myst/Uru scope trick that works very well in place of a text figurative device (simile or idiom).
2.  The shutter card (looks like a sim card) is a good place to store notes, the photo an author wanted the explorer to take (back up plan B) and any other objects or artifacts that an explorer will require.  It is a wonderful foreshadowing tool that many builders already use for this or that reason.  
3.  An explanation camera is placed close to the blog access opportunity.  In this case, the camera took a photo of itself next to the blog access (hanging tapestry).

Monday, July 21, 2014

Building Ceases, Inventory Being Accomplished, Storybuild Details Being Added

Poohkeepsietomeway Shops are Open
The Midtown Ladies Guild (MLG)  informed the museum curator, Ruby O'Degee  she could cease drawing buildings into the world.  In other words all submerged isles are through rising, and there is very little land left to restore.  There is a story not yet finished to be done.  The MLG decided to do an inventory of all artifacts collected to determine whether more carbon dating and replication needed to be done, while Ruby finished writing the stories and sending out the invites for an open house.

The open house will be held in November either before or after the Open Sim Conference.  Since the museum is sponsoring a booth that promotes tours to all Lakewater and Devokan Trust storybuilds, it is important that all operations are working.  Safety:  potholes, sinkholes, shifting sands and scrap scripts will be tended in the next few weeks.

Matt R. Dutton will continue to annoy Ruby about plans for Oakes Valley and completion dates for Brantley No. 3 Shaft and/or Consortium Park.  Matt will put force two incarcerated fellows to work in the science lab at the park, but he is concerned that little work has been done to the cells that line the shaft.

Ruby is not sure that visitors, hypergrid travelers and Kitely grid build owners are invited to use the Midtown Lending Library for book club meetings and the Art Walk to display their fine arts and pottery. All rights for ownership are held by the artist.  Contact Ruby O'Degee by IM or PM in the forum to get your "dropping" privileges.  The MLG is always giving away nice gifts to event managers and book club members for making use of the build and moreover adding lateral fodder to Ruby's Lakewater Project story.

For more good news and storybulding shopping fun visit the Rocking Stone Pottery and Ironworks Store @ the Kitely Market.  The store is open 24/7.  All proceeds are used to support builds and world visit opportunities.  The MLG ususally offers an export version of all objects they certify and authenticate, so take a looksee when you are ready to add artifacts into your tales.  New products are being added every week.